Customers are Issuing Invoice which I cannot provide

Hi Friends,

One of my past customers needs an Invoice for his stay at my property.

I am an owner but not VAT registered, which means Booking.com facilitates payments on my behalf.

 I don't have access to my guests payment information nor any guests Invoices. 

How can I solve this issue?

Thank you and have a nice evening.



Ricardo Rodrig… 1 year ago

i recommend you to call the telephone service of booking. In general when there are a problem they need to solve beetween 6 month and 2 years, you can start today better than tomorrow to win time.

Venkatesh 1 year ago

Hey there, 

when a customer makes a reservation this includes a tax/vat which will be paid by the customer to the property. Since you're not registered/do not have a VAT number, you're not supposed to collect the tax amount from the customer. This will become a problem when a customer needs an invoice for their stay. 

Advice: Create an invoice with their name and address and refund the tax amount collected on that booking will solve this issue. Calling the telephone service is no use since they got nothing to help you out in this issue. 

I hope this info helpful.