A deceitful person is troubling me by making 9 fake reservations.

I have big issue. A deceitful person is repeatedly booking from 16th February 2023 at my property with fake name ( using random alphabet ), wrong address. We tried to contact with him thought chat but he not responding. And we sent a request to cancel the reservation for him but he has not been canceled yet. below are the reservation numbers,

3464289441   2965746028    2881139517 

2407779018   3802707080    3320338357 

2407790248   2434800366    3066435919

I think he wants to pay commission and tax for no reason. He has made all booking 20 nights each. So, Booking.com please help me, I kindly request you to cancel all of these fake bookings and block him in this IP address. We will not pay any commissions or tax for this fraud person because of his all story is fake.