Declined Credit Card

I had someone who booked last minute and checked in near midnight. His credit card was declined and I did not feel comfortable to refuse his check-in. Square allows me to send a payment link to him but I doubt he will pay. It is hard to filter out guests sometimes. I like the payment system of Airbnb where hosts do not have to worry about payment. Once booking is complete, Airbnb will automatically transfer payment to hosts.

BrookAve 1 year ago



  1. hard lesson to learn but grow a back bone and politely ask him to pay immediately or vacate
  2. second guessing is not good, just send the payment link with a time limit to comply i.e. 30 mins and note if not paid in time he must vacate immediately.
  3. i know you wont have the hasstle/ drama, but you cant have it both ways.
  4. now to fix it for future payments, setup a 3rd party method and state Last minute must be prepaid before or when checking in before access is granted to the room.


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