Defrauded by a guest ( Credit Card fraud) now Booking.com will not refund their commission

Can anyone give input on the following : I am an accommodation owner who received a booking.com booking in Jan from 23/1 to 29/1 - payment was made by credit card which I processed without issue and the guests arrived and spent their holiday in my suite - all 6 nights. I received an invoice for the Booking.com commission and duly paid it. Now almost 2 months later the bank has reversed the credit card  accommodation payment in full stating "fraud card not present" I got the card details off the booking.com extranet secure site and no fraud was perpetrated from my side. I have been unable to contact the guest - he has not replied to my many e-Mails.

However, Payment has been reversed so I am not only out of pocket for the accommodation but also for the almost R1000 Booking.com commission which they refuse to refund. 

What rights/redress do I have against Booking.com !! surely this is theft- double theft - in fact its the reason I hate dealing with Booking.com they charge 15% (now + vat) and take no responsibility whatsoever for the protection of their service providers UNLIKE AIRBNB 

I would be grateful for input 

thank you Sylvia

Morningside River Suite 

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fluff 5 years ago

You will have to present your case to your bank (the one that processes cards for you) with as much evidence as possible that the charge was kosher. It will then be the job of your bank to re-reverse the charge.

Maybe ask BDC for a confirmation of the booking with credit card details provided by the guest, it was an online transaction and that the goods/services have been received by the purchaser.

It comes down to dodgy little git of a guest who's trying a "fast-one".

A bit of effort and hassle you don't need but just gather up your proof, load into the banking gun and shoot!

In the unlikely event the charge cannot be reinstated then send that evidence to BDC to have the commission credited back to to your account.

Debrasutherland 5 years ago

I have had this happen and booking reversed the commission. You just need to find the right person as half of them don't know what they're talking about. Or don't understand what you are saying.

Sylvia Kenny 5 years ago

Hi Debra,

Thank you very much for your input - I totally agree with you ITO "not knowing what they(BDC agents) are talking about" or just "not understanding you" but further when you speak to one department they say sorry " they cannot do any more to help you" !! and tell you to contact another dept. " another phone call!!.

The credit control department has since asked me for proof that the bank has reversed the payment so I think I am getting somewhere.....

Sincere thanks again


Raja Ramani 2 years ago

We are facing exactly the same issue where our bank wants to reverse a charge done, it was a No-Show, and we took 50% deposit and 50% after 24 hours as it was 0% on cancellation or no-show.

We have told the bank they cannot reverse the charge and we have advised them that if they take us to court they will need to take Booking.com as well to court jointly.

And I completely agree that half the customer service agents are at best Copy and Paste recruits. They do not even read the issue on hand. 

Isle of Wight … 2 years ago

And that's why I always say to use Payments by Booking.com ....

And always take the guest's address at the time of booking. If the guest screws you out of money, like with a chargeback, you can take legal action to recover the payment.