deposit and cleaning charges

I received a booking whereby Booking.com will collect the payment for the booking. But it does not include Cleaning Charges and security deposits as listed with the property. Do I have to collect that from the viditor my self or Booking.com will handle the same?

BrookAve 3 years ago




  • Deposits - you collect this not BdC. So you need to decide which payment methods you will message to the guest to use to send payment, the deadline in which it should be paid once the booking is made. Should they fail to pay the deposit within x hours, you can then cancel the booking using option 1 in the Request Cancel ,feature.
  • Additional Fees - such as cleaning can be added to the Property> Policies > Additional fees section . This is shown as part of the total at check out when booking. 
    Note: the commission from Payments by Booking applies to the entire total inclusive of additional fees.


So for a booking already made you cannot addon fees so ignore it for this booking 

and just make the change so it applies for new bookings.


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