Deposit Policy

I'm looking to amend my deposit policy for all my rates to 100%  of the reservation value. Any advice how to do that?

BrookAve 3 years ago


100% yikes, why?


thats like renting a room monthly and asking for a months rent as a deposit, are you absolutely sure you want to do that?


Also you have to collect it your self after a new booking appears. BdC will not collect deposits.


How To:

Sign up for https://sumup.ie/bookingie/

then after you receive confirmation ask them to put you on their Virtual terminal service.

THis then give you ability to send a custom payment link via email, sms etc for them to prepay deposit. with in a time frame of making the booking.


Failure to prepay it within x hours voids booking so then you just open details page and click request to cnacel, and choose option1 , guest failed to prepay deposit.


Beware of last minute bookings if you do not enable prepayment or dont use Payments by Booking.


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