Deposit requested

I have received a booking for the 13th of Aug. but when I called the person was unaware if the reservation and said that his wife  had made it. When I asked for a deposit of 1 night , my message remains unreguarded. How will I be compensated if the people do not show up?

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Hi Popi and welcome to the Partner Community.

It all depends what your Payment Policies are.

Maybe it’s better if you call your BDC local office and ask them to support you.

Καλό καλοκαιρι!!!

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Popi 


IF you normal take direct payment on arrival , then you  will not receive  guest payment if they are no show or cancel.


Also deposit can only be taken from guest directly.


The way to prevent this is  enable ALL bookings must be prepaid to Booking.com


Ibelieve if you enable this and are not using Payments by Booking , then you must have a way to charge VCC such as https://sumup.ie/bookingie/ ; payrexx.com , stripe.com. etc..


THe better option to make it stress free is to use Payments by Booking, where you do not need to be able to charge VCC or Cards.


But having the SumUp device and an account can come in handy for doing deposit and adhoc charges anyway  so worth getting.


This is the partner link signup for SumUp in my region, so it may redirect you to your custom signup region if they have one.