Did not get payment from Booking

What I have to do if I did not get payment from booking ? Guests left apartment on 6th of january and I still do not have money from booking. In conditions is written : within 10 days. Today has passed 18 days.

Thank you for help.

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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

Hi Matus,

Have you been in touch with the finance department of Booking dot Com? 

I would give them a ring. 

You can find (or should be able to find) via your desktop, the inbox and contact details. 

What country are you from? 

You could also check (before you ring the finance department) with the Booking dot com team to see if all your details are correct. 

Hope this helps a bit, 

and keep us updated. 

We are all hosts that chat together via this hub.

The team of Booking dot com is another group - They do deal with questions like yours. 


Have a great day. 



Aaltje B. 

BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi Matúš Džunda


Below is the January periods so far and the payout issue dates. I am of course assuming this is the same for everyone.



The payment can vary in speed  up to 10 days depending on the banking system.





Kind Regards



Consider linking your Property link into your partner profile as it helps other partners assist you, especially when starting out .


How To Guide :



How To Contact Booking.com:


If  urgent,  call the dedicated phone number* found in your extranet Inboxtab.

Under Booking.com Messages,
Click on Contact us to reveal the phone number.

For more general info you can contact one of our main lines for help.


Got a specific financial question?

Call the dedicated  phone number* found in the ‘Financial Overview’ section of the ‘Finance’ tab in your extranet.

Please note that our finance team is available during business hours, Monday to Friday only.


Luana Oliveira 4 years ago

If the guest left on the 6th of January your payment is going to be released on Feb 15, then it can take up to 10 days to arrive on your account. Payments are released on the 15th, the month after the guest check-out.

Yes it is along time to wait... but it is how their payment system works. I actually charge a bit more on bookin.com than on airbnb because of things like that. Aribnb releases the payment the day after the guests check-in.

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

 Luana, Please be informed that payments by booking.com have changed...payouts can be effected  4 times a month if selected by host.

As Matus said ...."In conditions is written : within 10 days. Today has passed 18 days."

Dear Matus, sometimes payments take a little longer...as partners suggested above its better if you contact booking.com directly...

Best wishes.

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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

Or... arrange your own device so guests can pay on arrival with their credit card. 

It costs a little to do so, but at least you have the money straight away and you are not missing out unless guests cancel. 

I also can take out the device when there is a market etc. and I want to sell private things . 

So it serves two purposes. 

It is not possible in all countries in the world but here in New Zealand it is. 

Up to date I havent had issues whatsoever, which is great. This is since October. And had a lot of guests too. 

I like my independence and this tool helps tremendously. It accepts all cards and no hassle with cash. 

And -of course - the finance team do like it too, since it saves them work too. Big time. 

I am waiting for discount from Bdotcom because of my device, but thats another story.... 


Aaltje B.

Hope this is a tip.