Didn't get comission free bookings

Hey! Who knows what's happening with comissiona free bookings? I didn't got Credit Note in September and October (I finished renting apartments in September). I contacted Support but they answered me just common words. Read information bla-bla-bla. I read it many times. But  there are no conditions expaining why there were no Credit Notes.

I had 50 comission free bokings by June when I start renting. So I used 12 comission free bookings inJune and July. Total amount of bonus for both monthes was aprox 210 eur. Then I have question. Why I couldn't get comission free bookings for bookings in August and September?

May be someone knows what other conditions could be. I'm very dissaponted in booking.com support. They say just coomon words which doesn't explain anything.


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BrookAve 3 years ago




contact finance team not support team for proper response and confirmation.