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Didn't let my Guest in ! Help !

Hello! I feel horrible!! The guest booked late and i usually check my booking under the day. Well, Long story short. I left the property under the day and a guest booked late and I wasn't on the property to let him in. The guest is not pleased which I understand and need to refund him. I have no idea how to refund. Please help ! 


Best Regards: Seve

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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

Hi Seve

Oh dear!

Well, I think contact BDC via login to Extranet and Inbox and make it an urgent matter.

You can also call / contact them via number given on the same page on your computer.

Things happen.

Give your apologies and shout him a coffee somewhere. Did the person find other accomodation in time or was the person sleeping in the car?

I am not sure of certain policies within BDC but staff will tell you.

Take care,


Aaltje B.

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Seve S 4 years ago

Ok thank you ! ( I accidentally responded to mail ) The guest did find another accommodation so it's not an urgent matter ( which I'm really happy about). The only thing he requested was a refund. I will contact booking to refund the person. I changed my policies to book 1 day before which gives me more time to prepare. Thank you for answer !