direct contact with booking.com

Two hours later, and I have still not been able to find the "Inbox" where I should be writting a new message to get in contact with the support team...

My fiscal number is not accepted by this portal, and I don't know what to do.

It is the only fiscal number I have in Spain, and with which I declare all and any income I have had in this country, although I am presently living in Portugal, I am renting my holiday house in Spain.

So, how is it that we reach the technical support here??  I've been going around in circles for hours.

Another question I have is, I linked reservation calendar with another app, where the day before and after a check-in and check-out are "blocked"   -  I need to know how to assure this in the bookin.com reservation calaedar as well, in order to insure the cleaning services.