disagree with the percentage Bookingcom have taken from my booking.

Hi there, I hope someone can help me as to why Booking have taken such a large percentage. The price for 1 night stay is 55€. The client has booked 7 days. Bookingcom have indicated that the total is 278.9€ less 47.42€ which equals 231.53€. Apart from the standard rate plan at 55€, I do not offer any other rate plans apart from flexible which is 60.50€. I do have Genius middle range so 0 to 25€. The higher rate according to Bookingcom is used when bookings are low. However, this is far from the case as with the latest booking, I only had 10 nights left available for the month in question, August, and it's just given them away. I've now reduced the Genius range to 0 - 10€ but I am still severely fed up with losing more than a 100€ on what is a prime time of year. Thank you if you can help.

BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Ann


I'm wondering if you have under Genius programme settings page :

  • Dynamic Pricing turned on?
  • You can also limit which Room Type Genius is applied to.
  • Check under promos page if Mobile Rate is enabled.
  • There is also I think a date range for opting out a few dates each year so Genius cannot be applied.


How discounts on rates & promos stack together -cheat sheet


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Ann Easterbrook 2 years ago

Thanks so much for your help and suggestions. In answer to the points:

Dynamic Pricing is turned on for the mid-range 0 to 25% discount We only have one room to offer. It seems that I do have Mobile Rate turned on which is 10%. So the price without any discounts whatsover whould have been 385€. But I am being paid 231.53€. If I take the full 25% off the Standard Price 385€, this is 288.00€ Less 10% for Mobile rate, this is 259.65€. So this is still 28.12€ short. Even with the full 25% discount taken off which should not have happened as it was our last full week in August. I realise you can't answer everything, but maybe there is a phone number I can ring? Or help line? Thank you again, Ann