Discounts for non-genius guests

Hello, I currently offer an apartment for rent and joined the genius thing a while back. I am trying to set up a promotion for regular guests that are not genius, but can't find a place for that.

For example the apartment price is 50EUR/night - 4 guests and the price drops 10% for 3 guests(45EUR) and 20% for 2 guests(40EUR). If the guests are genius they get 10% extra discount so it would be 36EUR for 2 guests/night. 

Now I would like to offer  10% discount just for people that are not genius. When I put the 10%, is available for all guests...so genius get 10% extra so instead of attracting regular guests I ended up with more genius reservations( 36EUR/night/3 persons). It's not that big of a problem, but after paying commission, and provide coffee and toiletries and cleaning...it looks more like charity then running a business. 

Is there an option to select the type of guests for promotions? 

Best regards,


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fluff 4 years ago

Sorry to say that there is no such system available. Genius guests ALWAYS get their extra discount.
General consensus here is leaning heavily towards opting out of the genius system for many reasons. The biggest reason being the hopelessly low requirement for membership of guests ( only 2 bookings in 2 years ).

Ferienwohnungl… 4 years ago

Hi Christian,
It' s Really unfortunate that the Genius Guest benefit more on that System. My apartment (Erlebnisurlaub Laboe) got as well once the Genius badge But for the same reasons l cancelled it because the Business & Genius group were more to the Advantage.
Now l have prices for everyone & when l want to give a discount it applies for everyone.
All Guests enjoy the same Services at my Appartment! For that l have less headache.
Regards Zippy

Cristian 4 years ago

Thanks for your replies.. I think the bst option for me is to cancel the genius programme. That way I can offer discounts for everybody and I can also estimate the revenue.
Though I consider it unfair for the genius to get more extra benefits. 20% discount for 2 persons +10% november deal +10% genius discount it's a lot..plus i keep getting this messages from boolong to increase the discount for genius from 10% to 15%:) and then ypu pay the comission, and the local taxes, and utilities...and MAYBE you have some spare change:))
Thanls again for your replies and good luck with your establisments!

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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago

Hey all!

Sadly Cristian the partners are right.

I do know however that you can disable the Genius programme for a specific time, and then run your Regular special for that time without having the Added Genius discount. You can do this on the Genius tab on the extranet.

Best of luck!

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

I know that if you quit the genius program than you can only join again after 6 months.
Cristian you are so right, sometimes it does seem like charity with all these discounts, commissions, taxes etc.
Take care.