dispute commission amount


we have an appartment on which Booking is managing itself the payments. That means, they transfer us, the final amount after charging their comission. 

In September 2019 we had a Guest, with a payment amout of 2660€. Booking.com itself tranfered us 2318€, that means that they charged a Comission of 342€. 

Then in october 24th they send us an invoice form "Inovices&Credit Control department", asking us to pay a comission of 399€ related with this Guest stay. 

We answered them on the Inbox Messages, that that was not true. We made it clear, that we do agree that the comission that should be charged was 399€ instead of 342€, but obviously, if they already charged us 342€, we don't have to pay again 399€, but just the difference 57€ (399-342€). 

After the deadline of only 48h to make the transfer they automatically removed our apartment from the website. It is on the website, but no one can book it. We did make several claims on the messages and we are always receiving the same answer: "Thanks for the claim, we are sorry for the late answer, you probably already solve that on other chanel"

We tried about 10 times to contact on the phone, the operators are even telling that we are right, but this topic belogs to finances and they cannot do nothing. We even tried to contact the finance department in Neederlands by phone, but we got no answer. 

After 8 months we still cannot book our apartment on booking.com. 



3 years ago

Thanks for tagging me BrookAve


Hello Jaione Perez Daguer!

Welcome to the Partner Community. Are you sure your property is still on the website? I cannot find it. Will you please send a link?

Jaione Perez Daguer 3 years ago

Hello Sergei

thanks for your answer. 

This is the link to the appartment, but I just realised that I can see it on the app on my mobile, but not on the website. So that confirms that no one can book it, neither find it on the website.

On the other side I checked today that from our side, we put it as available on august, but in the cover ouf our Extranet website, in Home, just above we can see a red Message that says "closed/not bookable".





The name of the appartment is "Arena Beach Apartamento Salou"



3 years ago

Hey Jaione Perez Daguer! I opened the links you shared, and they redirected me to the search results, not to your property. And probably because the page of your property doesn't exist anymore. 



Rohit Pagar 2 years ago

my property also got 2 reservations but guest not come but still they are asking for commision.

BrookAve 2 years ago

of course they will if you have not correctly marked or reported it as unpaid no show.