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Hi , 

I'm Vera from The Holiday Guesthouse, Tanjungpandan , Belitung, Indonesia. I have 3 problems regarding booking.com, intranet, and our new partnership as follow :

1. I have difficulties to use the extranet of booking.com, after we has ended the contract with our third party hotel management. We realized, commision has been charge to us regarding the guests that never shown, and actually had cancelled  her reservation through booking.com . I tried to ask any email or contact that i can access to inform this dispute. Please advice.

2. We always receive notification for the confirmation of our hotel location. But we didnt receive any mail till now.

3. There is 2 account uploaded under our hotel name (previously by OYO) we would like to combine these 2 into 1 , where actually the contract with OYO has been ended. 


Hope to get your feedback and solution asap.


Best Regards, Vera

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Vera,


  1. You can easily dispute those via extranet, Finance menu info. Note if you had a 3rd party managing it and they failed to mark the no shows/cancelations that will be why.  
  2. Verify Location by postal mail. Contact the BdC support if you still have not received the letter.  
  3. 2 listings with 2 property IDs. Contact Support to start the process to close the listing made by 3rd party and use your own.


Contact BdC- Location of Partner Only Phone number and Message methods


Kind Regards