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Disputing invoice

Hello, first of all thank you very much for the cooperation of all the members of this forum which is always a great help.

My name is Fran Alvarado and I manage a small holiday home in Gran Canaria. From the beginning of our collaboration with Booking we have chosen to make customer charges through due to the great simplicity and comfort, well, last month, August, we haven’t been paying a bill for a one night's stay and the explanation given to us in the extranet is that we have charged this client directly. We have contacted the client and have asked him to send us the confirmation email in which you can clearly see that, as always, has charged his reservation.

I have tried to contact the finance department via email since September 2nd and I have never received an answer to my emails, I have tried to call them but I have been waiting for up to 30 minutes without success for several days.

I no longer know what else I can do, but I feel totally abandoned by collaborators assistance department and I think that nobody wants to take care of my case, and honestly it doesn't seem fair.

Is there any way to make a complaint with or do I simply have to leave them not paying my bills whenever they want?


Thank you very much in advance.

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fluff 4 years ago

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Your problem sounds rather a pain!

It is worth double checking that customers cannot see a "pay at hotel" offer, run through like a booker and see if it's possible.

You can also look at your copy of the booking, under policies to see if BDC have "pay at hotel" or "hotel will charge full amount at any time or whatever they say for the Pay Booking system.

All extra ammunition for your dispute with BDC. 

Another point, as BDC claim they have you marked as charging the guest directly, have they issued you an invoice for commission on these bookings? Assuming it's due (issued on the first couple of days in a new month, following the check out dates of the previous month) these bookings will appear with their claimed commission, look at the statement for these where you can dispute each booking, state your case in full there. They cannot ignore this, or certainly haven't in my experience, allowing some discourse.


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Fran Alvarado 4 years ago

Thank you very much for your response Fluff, as I said, the guest forward me the email that BDC sent him saying "payment successfully trough BDC" he been charged few weeks before the arrival and on the reservation details says "guest paid in advance".

Yes, they charged me commission for this reservation. 

Apart of the missing money, what I can´t understand is why nobody at BDC give me an explanation when I asked them, they just simply ignore me, and this is so frustrating.

Thank you again


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Isle of Wight … 4 years ago

Have you checked all of your payments and invoices carefully? BDC put payments for multiple bookings together and send as one amount .....

Atul Singh 3 years ago


My property id is ***. 2 guests from China had booked my property online but while their documents verification, we found out that their visa were expired so we had asked them to leave the property right away. 

I have a copy of their expired visa. Now booking has issued an invoice. In this case, do i have to pay commission invoice to booking wherein we have not received payment from the guest due to their illegal stay? Also, booking has issued two invoice on the same booking which are: *** and ***

How can two invoices can be issued on the same booking? Could you please revert me on my queries?