Do i need to pay VAT after receiving payment from booking?


well i have a question about VAT

i have a property listed on booking, and i got some reservations and booking handles my payments, the guest has book and prepaid, and the VAT was included on the price. After receiving my payments from booking i see that there is a commission of 18%. So i'm asking if i need to pay VAT for my government in Italy for the amount that i recieve from booking?

Please Help

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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

I do in New Zealand, but you may have to check with someone in Italy how the rules are there.

I guess they are the same?


Aaltje B.

Julaweg 4 years ago

We are in Poland and we pay VAT. On top of it, the local government requires us to collect tourist fee.

It's pain a neck to run after every guest since we do not have desk reception. I'm not sure what we should do if the guest does not pay the tourist fee. Should we report it?

We could add it to the room price but Booking will charge a commission from it like they charge a commission from VAT. Any idea?