Do you refund?

Hi, I am Thereza and have just joined Booking.com  We have had 3 bookings so far and we are happy with the way the system works.  One question though.  Our last guest booked for 3 nights and paid Booking.com but after 2 nights he got invited by friends in the city for dinner and to stay over so he checked out.  He said h he loved our place and found it beautiful.  My question is, do I refund him for the night he did not stay or not? 


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Aaltje B. 5 years ago

i don't think so Justhomeapartment.

This was his choice to leave earlier.

If you were going to refund him you were not going to have an alternative booking because of time restriction for booking. ( assuming here..)

Then who is going to cancel the booking, the guest or you?

I think the guest was aware of the situation and paid accordingly. Don't worry, my advice.

Occasionally it happens :)


Aaltje B.

Justhomeapartment 5 years ago

Thanks Aaltje, I found your comment helpful. I agree as he informed me the morning of the third day that he had been invited to have dinner with friends and to stay over. I could not manage to get an alternative booking. Stay well. Thereza