Does the guests have to verify their ID ?

Does the guests at Booking have to verify their ID to be able to make a reservation ?

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BrookAve 2 years ago




Depends on context


1. Verified by Booking.com when they register on booking.com

2. Guests who book must provide ID prior to arrival.


If #2, then simply have it in your first auto message template and also make a Photo ID template under Other category. That way you can trigger it manually

Ask for government issued Photo ID, showing all edges, In focus, No Glare etc.

Must be sent within 48  hours of booking or x days prior to arrival.etc Give the option to email it and or WhatsApp.

Note: Failure to provide valid ID meeting al lrequirements will result in voiding booking.

After checkout and in good standing delete all copies.


If you have to void booking, details page , request cancellation and choose option 1.