Double booking due to calendar sync malfunction

In early July I discovered that after a website update my calendars were no longer syncing correctly. I contacted customer service about it explaining the problem and that I was concerned about double bookings resulted. I had no response whatsoever, but saw that my calendars were working again so I relaxed. Then I got a double booking since it seems that one of my properties was still not working despite it constantly saying that it was last synced that day. Booking are trying to charge me almost 300 euros for the relocation of the guest. They still haven't contacted me despite a huge swathe of emails. 

I cant be the only one. What the hell do I have to do? Anyone else have a result on this problem?


Dianes Cozy Retreat 3 years ago

I also have had the problem in the past, so I quit using iCalendar and do it manually. 

The newest problem is the PULSE app - I have been getting bookings in fully booked units because using the app to block dates (according to the help center) can not be trusted. Now I have screaming people who have booked - why are they screaming? Because bdc holds their payment for 3 days. Such a mess.

BDC is a bit of a dinosaur in the business. I have not been able to decide if they are a blessing or if I should just drop them. Customer support is horrendous - they simply read from screens and do not understand the issue from a host perspective. All of this when in return we are expected, as hosts, to uphold an impossible standard including perfect reviews/feedback, fast responses, best policies and best prices - wouldn't it be nice if booking.com also applied these standards to themselves?!

Good luck in however you decide to move forward.


Minyi Li 2 months ago

HI Salgueiro

We experience the same problem recently, and they send us over a thousand AUD invoice, 4 times our room price. 

Just wondering, how was the issued being resolved? have you successfully challenge the invoice?