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dowload payout information for all my places

I have 12 places on booking and i want to know how I can dowload my payout statemets for all of them in one excel, or it has to be one by one

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Ailyn Fernande… 1 year ago

Hello Tropicalistings, in order for you to see consolidated finance tab/data, you would need to have a Partner Card, that is like a group contract where you can manage all listings (you might have one same user, but not a group contract). 

If you do not have a group contract, you can request it through the inbox tab or calling your local Customer Service team with the following information:

Legal Name

Legal Tax ID number

Legal representative and it´s contact Information 

Property IDs that will be under this group contract

You will receive a contract similar to the individual property one and request to add the properties listed.

Once you have a partner card created, on the group master page, you can find the finance tab and you will see what invoices and payouts are done per month.

Hope this helps.