Extra charges scam by Booking.com

I booked an apartment in Malta for 7 nights in March 2023 and had received the usual confirmation including price breakdown showing a €40 cleaning fee. About 4 weeks before the booking I received a message from Booking.com stating that the property had increased its cleaning fee from €40 to €80 which I must now pay. I queried if this was correct as I had previously received the confirmation with agreed price and was told I had no choice as the property had insisted on the increase.

I was already in contact with the property as they had messaged me through Booking.com about check in times etc. I messaged back to the property asking about the increased cleaning fee and they stated that they had no knowledge of it.

i went back to Booking.com customer services who continued  to insist on the increased fee blaming the property. I asked to contact a senior manager and customer services cancelled my booking. 
I am wondering if anyone else has been a victim to this blatant scam.