Fake booking and Booking.com lack of understanding and capacity to remediate.

received another fake booking just now.   I have a call into booking.com but they have not responded to my escalation of the problem.   

Here are the features of most fake bookings

1 Phone number invalid

2 No address or fake address like Wrigley Field or the Booking.com Headquarters in US

3 Bad credit card.

4. Sometimes the name is in all caps.

5. Multiple nights

6. Next day arrival 

Booking.com does not care for their partners by adding additional requirements to reservations.  They expect the guest is real after no vetting of the person, location, or credit card, and demand to wait 24 hours before allowing me to cancel.   




BrookAve 3 years ago

Simply set all as prepay with payments by BdC, and non refundable that will stop the messers.