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Please if someone was in this situation to help me. I am private accomodation provider and in my Country it is complicated to have card machine for charging if you are not company. I had it true some agent cash company with app and small machine but they do not provide this anymore. Problem starts when they stoped provide this service and I had 10 reservations in future that was not charged cuz it was on virtual card. I called booking and customer service told me that they will charge and transfer me the money. That was in January and from them they owe me 610€. Ofc no one from finance dep ever contact me except automatic msg to be patient witch only make me angry. Also I had open invoice for commission and they told me not to pay cuz they will deduct that from the amounts they owe me. Well they did not, and after a while they turned me off from booking. 10.6 I payed two invoices, and today 24.6 they are still red in extranet, I call the customer service they send to finance rep and I also send them confirmation true extranet but still they did not even open the mail. Don’t know what else I can do. It is so annoying that we can’t contact finance dep directory but have to wait for days for them to answer. Now booking still owe me money, and I am still not available on booking witch bring me more money lost , cuz season is started and everyone around me are full booked. 

BrookAve 1 year ago


  • There are online Virtual Terminal options from payment service providers  too.
  • If existing reservations on VCC , you can add bank account and then request for the mto turn of VCC method to default back to Guest pays you.
  • This then triggers a one time payment transfer to your account



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Tatjana Borković 1 year ago

I can’t see virtual Card details anymore because from January I am Cash only and from that change booking denied me access to Card details…