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Dear Sir

I received a reservation confirmation from booking.com for 8th Dec and 13th Dec 2019, but no payment detail. What to do? Do I need to collect the payment from the customer in cash? How about the case if no show? I'm confused. Kindly advise me please


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BrookAve 4 years ago

Hi Esmady,

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  • Using the smart phone pulse app or admin dashboard via https://admin.booking.com, click on the reservation.
  • Look under the details for 'Payment Status' , does it say ' Booking.com handles your payment' ??
  • If yes then you have nothing to do. 
  • Now scroll down to Policies, and Cancellation and review what it says. Depending on what policy options you setup oroginally this will vary.
  • If it shows the wrong cancellation policy you want , just above it is a hyperlink 'EDIT' to alter this policy for the rate. Note THere are two places to set cancellation. One is on the Rate Plan itself and then the general cancellation policy.
  • So you need to decide what rate types and cancel options are allowed.


I would advise getting a sumup.com card reader as a backup method

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Community Admin 4 years ago

Hello Esmady Esa! Thank you for your post! You can check and alter your current payment model and cancellation policy via your Extranet account. You just need to click on the tab "Property" and then choose "Policies". First, you will find the section "Cancellation and prepayment policies" and further down you will also find the section "Guest payment options". Best regards!