Force guests to (pre)pay online (instead of allow)

Under property / policy / guest payment options (or somewhere else) can I set ONLY online (pre)payment is accepted and no card or cash is accpeted on arrival? So instead of allowing, offering online payment as an option to guests can I force and make this the only availanle option?

Until it is only an option, guests will always choose to pay only at the property, so no matter I have non-refundable policy they can still cancel without any risk and consequences and they do cancel often.

Many thanks.


BrookAve 2 years ago



BdC have two pay method  services other than default guest pay on arrival.


  1. Online Payments 
    1. You need a card processing service aka payment gateway provider
    2. VCC are generated by BdC System as guest pays BdC at time of booking.
    3. The service provider you choose needs to allow VCC and CC remote options. Also check if they have a payment link generation option too.
  2. Payments by Booking - PbB
    1. This is generally referred to as the zero admin and best option.
    2. Very little admin work to do.
    3. Guest prepays BdC, then you get a payout to bank . It used to be payout minus commission, and balance minus payment gateway fee. This may be different for some who receive the full amount and then have to pay the invoice for commission and PG fee.
    4. There are mixed opinions on this service as some experience delays, and many others do not.
  • 3rd party services
    • ​​​​​​​payment links to guest
    • charge guest CC/VCC remotely
    • taking deposit directly, guest fails to pay you can cancel the booking.