Forced refund of non-refundable bookings for Corvid-19 cancellations???

Booking.com makes us to refund non-refundable bookings.


If we don't, they will refund those bookings and invoice us.


They don't even ask the guests to TRY to claim travel insurance.


We will go bankrupt as a small business if we have to refund all prepaid non refundable bookings.


I highly doubt this is even legal, to simply override our policies (the guests agreed on a nun refundable rate upon booking and were asked to get travel insurance).


How do you deal with this???

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Janefryer 3 years ago

Exactly how? I am non-refundable also.   I wrote to my up and coming bookings asking them to ensure that they could claim off their travel insurance/credit card insurance and that we could then re-book at some kind of a discount for next year.  They next one up just cancelled via the booking.com site with no consultaiton or dialogue. My money is gone.