Hello, I am afraid that I had the guests of cheaters twice already booked the apartment and gave it up twice, under a different name.and surname, but the same phone number, can anyone check it?this was booking canceled two weeks before arrival, all amenities always under guests, what about partners who rent and do not earn through such actions?

BrookAve 3 years ago


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So if i read that right....


Two bookings by different names but same phone number.


Considered as fake bookings who then apply to cancel 2 weeks before arrival


So here is what I reccommend:

1. enable prepayment.

2, sign up for Payments by Booking.com


This will put a stop to this messing and protect you, as BdC will take prepayment at time of booking.


Now you can also instead not use Payments by BdC, but still setup prepay. if you have a ePOS/Virtual termina lservice from someone like sumup.com, payrexx.com.


Then in your auto message template for new bookings :


1. set terms of how soon they must pay.

2. set condition that if not paid within x hours of booking , the booking will be voided and cancelled.


Should this happen that they do not prepay as instructed, you simply open the reservation page, click request to cancel and choose option 1 of 2.


literally that simple.


But remmeber you cant have you cake and eat it too... you have to decide what is more important risk or payment up front.



Kind Regards


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