Fraudulent Last Minute Bookings

Dear Booking.com and Fellow Innkeepers,

Yet again, another last minute fraudulent booking involving an invalid credit card, room inventory held hostage for 48 hours, lost revenue, and ultimately resulting in a NO SHOW.  This year I experienced 12 NO SHOW/Cancellations, last year was twice that amount, and even more the year prior.  That equates to over $55,500 in LOST REVENUE. While I appreciate the fact that Booking.com is so quick to say, we will not charge you any commission on these (as long as the property owner notifies Booking.com for each and every one - otherwise they DO CHARGE THE COMMISSION!). This situation only continues...going into the new year, I am seriously questioning whether or not to continue my relationship with Booking.com. I have reached the conclusion that Booking.com is responsible for enabling these fraudulent bookings. The lost revenue impact, especially to small innkeepers, has resulted in a significant financial hardship! Is anyone aware of a class action lawsuit regarding this matter? Something has got to be done. I truly believe that Booking.com has allowed this to continue in order to fill their coffers with commissions being charged to properties who do not immediately contact Booking.com to avoid a commission charge. Think about the properties who do not have the manpower to monitor these NO SHOWS, think about the Innkeepers who do not understand how to handle these situations in a timely manner, think about the millions of dollars being generated by Booking.com as a result. No one else benefits from creating fraudulent bookings like Booking.com!  No other OTA has this issue! How long do we allow this to continue before we say ENOUGH ALREADY?

Info 4 years ago

I feel your pain. I think something does have to be done about this subject and, at a higher level. Their booking policy encourages fraud for which they gain financially. A company of this size with their market standing, should be made accountable. Guest and Booker details should be verified by them as a standard protective measure for us property providers.

I had to contact my merchant provider again today for another chargeback on a booking that took place in September. In this case, the guest did stay but were able to claim a chargeback months later.

Our booking policy insists on guest personal details but this means nothing as they provide false details that are not verified by the booking channel. The merchant provider can only verify that the card number is genuine and the required funds are available. They are unable to verify the cardholder.

Fraud is on the increase and I think legislation needs to be put in place to protect small business against this.

My merchant provider told me they get chargebacks on a "regular" basis relating to accommodation bookings made through booking.com.

Personally, I think us small companies need to make a stand and protect ourselves first in order to force companies such as booking.com to change their policy.

By us all insisting on guest photo id that matches the booker and cardholder, booking.com will have to take a look at streamlining this to prevent profit margins dropping.

If Airbnb can verify their bookers so can Booking.com,

Richard Bauly 1 year ago

New to this industry.  Just purchased a property using booking.com. Booking.com sold my room on May 23.  A week later Lastminute sold the same room (I presume they re-sell from unsold inventory ?) We end up contacting the second customer and then they launch a complaint with booking.com and booking.com emails saying they are now finding a new room for the customer and WE are liable for the extra charges!

This is absolute nonsense!  How does it even happen and what recourse do I have ?


Richard Bauly 

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Isle of Wight … 1 year ago

search this group for "no show" and "payments by booking.com"

and look at my profile and scroll back through the numerous times i have posted about this

always always always use payments by booking.com and make it all non refundable - that stops the no shows and you always get paid