Fraudulent Reservations

A reservation have been made for 6 days, I strongly suspect this is a fake or fraudulent reservation. While it is still active it blocks the room for genuinely Booking.com reservations

How do you cancel such reservations if C/Card seems OK, but the name of guest, original of country, address and phone details looks dodgy - and guest do not answer messages.

This is not the first time, but in fact the third or more. It seems scammers make reservations either to test the stolen credit-card details, and or for 6 days, offering to pre-pay from stolen credit card, then get refunded when they do not turn up.

We are in New Zealand and all International Tourists are cancelled and currently we only get "national bookings" from people who are already in the country.



Reservations Manager





BrookAve 3 years ago




Simply open the reservation details page,

Click Request Cancel - Right Pane,

Choose Option 1




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Igor Scardua 1 year ago

I wish was that ease BrookAve. We are in South Florida and we are receiving dozens of fraudulent reservations per week. It is so stressful. This will be my last week listing my units in Booking.com if they don't resolve this issue. It is ridiculous how a so easy solution that can be applied to this is neglected by Booking.com. It seems like they benefit from these scammers somehow. It is hours and hours of working for free and dealing with a bunch of criminals. our calendars remain blocked for a whole day across all channels because of Booking.com broken resevation system. Many of them book last minute and show up at the property wanting to check in. Unbelievable. We, hosts, must contact the police and send the news at the same time so these criminals stop doing that.