frustration try to get help to waive cancellation fee

Can someone PLEASE help; its so frustrating, my guest is not satisfied with Room Size , he rejected the room & I want to waive any cancellation fees automatically done to his account.

Is there a number to call or email address where my property can ask BOOKING.COM to waive any penalties?

Thanks for any help




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Isle of Wight … 3 years ago

You want to give money back because a guest isn't happy? Guest knew what he was getting when he booked .....

If you really want to give money away, send a message to Booking.com via your extranet.

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The Reinhold G… 3 years ago

Good day Jeffrey,

The easiest way to do that is this:

Log on to your Property's Booking.com site,

Click on "Reservations"

Click on the guest's name

-- You now see the guest's reservation details ----

On the right side of the page you see the section " Update this reservation"

Click the second box from the top " MARK AS NO SHOW"

The new screen that opens up will ask you if you like to charge the guest, or waive the cancellation fees.

Click on "Waive" ,--- and Booking.com will send you ( and the guest ) an email confirmation about your decision


Reinhold and Raghiel

PS>  Our Guesthouse is located in Bali, and we do this fairly often.

Because we do not have the facility to charge Guest's Credit Card without having the physical card at hand.