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Hello ... My second post ~ more later about post #1
I could not charge the BDC virtual credit card 'cos apparently no one told me I should be registered as an accommodation provider with my card terminal provider.
I am now registered.
However, I now want the security of payments being taken by me, when the guest leaves.
I cannot upload my bank details into the drop down boxes as my bank isn't recognised in the list.
I have sent my full bank details 'manually' to the useless, pathetic, incompetent finance department.
They still will not send me the three outstanding payments dating back to March 2022 and approaching £1,000.
BDC have to be the most incompetent outfit the World has ever experienced !
How difficult can it be ?

Post number one relates to me being suspended from the BDC for non payment of £29.
I have a credit note for a 'no show' valued £29.
After months of frustration with call centres in fifteen million countries around the world, I gave in and actually PAID the £29 !

BDC directors ... you should be ashamed of yourselves !
The worst company I have ever dealt with in my sixty six years and i've dealt with some proper sheitehouses !

Isle of Man

David Silvester 1 year ago

Thank you BrookAve but I have tried every conceivable contact option ... it's just a total waste of time as nobody at BDC Finance Dept. is remotely interested.
Thanks again,

David Silvester 1 year ago


My listing has now been suspended by BDC because I owe BDC £101:09 in unpaid commission fees.
I am owed ££894:40 by BDC for guest payments they won't release to me.
What should I do ?