Getting paid policies structure


I have recently added a few more properties to my profile. Each of them were assigned a policy that would see me getting paid within 7 days of the guest checking out.

My first property gets paid once a month by the 15th of the month.

Clearly there are pro and cons to both policies which may suit different businesses.

For me personally, I hate having to pull bank statements and trying to match deposits with bookings. It takes forever. With my first property I simply look at the payment and see if it matches my bookings for that period. Simple.

I asked Booking.com to change all to the once a month policy and they refused. But then I got an email saying this was in fact an error and it would be changed in time. As yet, nothing has changed.

While I understand that some people may prefer one method over the other. We should really have the choice which policy we would like.

I was told that they only want one policy. Which is absolute rubbish. They already have multiple policies running so why people cant be given the choice is beyond me.

Perhaps we are not actually PARTNERS of booking but simply slaves to THEIR needs

Considering that we pay a lot of commission to booking surely we cant expect a partner rather than a dictator.


Yes...I am very angry.



Bbharim 5 years ago

I am new to Booking and just had my first guests. There is no indication that I could see that they paid Booking, and there are flags that I have to set that say "guest paid" or "guest did not pay." I have no idea why I would set those. They never paid me, nor did I expect them to pay me, and they told me that they paid Booking.

****** Booking needs to tell me that each guest paid in advance, and show me my balance. *****

These are such fundamental business practices that I am actually in disbelief.

Yes, a lot of commission. Booking hasn't earned it in any way. My ad is a disaster of THEIR making. I am a competent manager, somewhere north of master. I will tolerate incompetence only so long. I have better things to do, my time is valuable.

Warning Booking. If you continue to run roughshod over my business I will sever our relationship. You get some leeway now as I am a newbie and ignorant. That will not always be the case.

Who am I talking to? EXACTLY!