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I have a guest reservation for $1200 for 7 days a few days after my apartment listing was made public on the guest has provided no telephone number and the booking was not paid for so far (BDC has listed the property as accepts cash only at arrival time). Also the guest isn't responding to messages sent to him through BDC's pulse app.

I'm used to Airbnb where the platform withholds the amount and the guests actually show up.

Right now the booking is non refundable, but the guest can easily not show up and not pay anything. This already happened with a guest yesterday. Never showed up and I lost 3 days of unbooked nights.

What would be the best way to ensure that the next guest with this upcoming booking isn't a no show and actually does pay? Any ideas?

David 5 years ago

Hi Your policy is dreadful letting guest pay nothing until they arrive is like leaving your door open for strangers to stay without paying.You need to either start accepting card payments or sign up for the virtual card where guest pay up front then you charge the card on the arrival day.