Guest Arrival Credit Card Details Not Viewable

I have not yet validated the property as a letter has been sent yet I am not at the property to collect the letter and provide the code.   I host the property on Airbnb for the owners and had joined booking.com to get more bookings for them.  

We have had bookings come in and guests arrive today.  I have purchased a machine to take credit card payments with my phone but the credit card details are not viewable.  However they were on a prior booking I had to cancel 3 x 1 night bookings that came in while still configuring the listing as they were and not viable with linen hire and cleaners, so the guest kindly cancelled without penalty.  I was able to view those guests credit card details.  What happens when the guest leaves and I have not been able to charge them due to not having the details.

BrookAve 4 years ago

i suspect if not a BdC VCC you cannot do anything about it.


You could try message or ring guest but no guarantee

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Community Admin 4 years ago

Dear Helen Edwards


If the guest is already at your property and you are not able to view their credit card details online, please, request the guest to pay directly with credit card or cash. 


Maybe you will also consider to opt in Payments by Booking option while your property is not verified yet. In this case we will secure the payment for you. 


Best regards. 

Dixie Burbidge 3 years ago

I'm so confused.  We're seeing the message that we don't have permission to see the CC detail, but the guest hasn't been charged either.  How do we receive payment?  Our bank information is in Booking.com.  The guest entered their CC information.  Why hasn't Booking.com charged their card?

Helen Edwards 4 years ago

Community admin

I did try this but payments by b.com is not available for me.  

I ended up locating a ph# after the details to contact b.com in my intranet inbox were not working.  Not a good start.  

This should be clearly explained to new hosts as its taken for granted that I am at the same location as the guest so can easily take security deposit and payment.   That works for hotels only or locations that have onsite managers.  Doesn’t work for single rentals.

I have had to harass the guest all day just to get their credit card details.

The guest gave b.com their CC details when they first joined up, so they obviously don’t want to provide the manager the details again as they will be concerned they will be charged twice.

if this was explained when I joined  I would have contacted the guest for payment before providing the details to access the accommodation.

BrookAve 4 years ago

Use the automatic message templates so the first message that goes  them in top includes:


"X Actions to take before booking is considered complete."

1. As this is prepay please contact us to arrange payment.

or maybe provide options like , Our IBAN info is ….. ; Our paypal address is …. ; etc.

I know what you mean, and have seen several on here get caught out by it.

There are services like payrexx.com (with stripe) that can handle this so you do not have to use Payments by Booking.com.


Setup as Non Refundable, strict cancellation policy ,  minimum 2 nights;


You can always add additional rate plans later for flexible but price accordingly. i.e. flexible costs less but strict polices.


Also not all rooms have to be linked to the same rate plans.