Guest booked for 7 days and left on second day

Boy and girl came to flat 30 march 01:00 (earlier than check-in) and payed 50GEL and said that they would pay rest next day. boy is gone and girl just left the flat and she said she doesn't want to stay anymore. boy doesn't answers the phone and she said that he won't be coming back. i want to cancel the reservation and not pay the invoice. 

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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

Oh dear.

Make it a no show and hopefully, you will get new bookers soon and better payers!

Wishing you the best visitors possible.


Aaltje B.

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Katerinka12 4 years ago


Cash or credit card? If credit card, then your reservation should be for all days that they booked.

If cash, then press "no show" on their reservation. Open your property for other guests i pishi esli chto :)