The guest tell me that he made new booking with my property. In the guest's email, Booking.com wrote him as follows;



Amount: MYR xxx.xx

Payment method: Visa

Transaction time / date: 2020-03-08 

Payment reference: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

 You'll receive a confirmation email with details of your booking soon.


However, till now after 24 hours no detail of confirmation send to him (guest) nor to me (host). When the guest checked with the bank, the full payment already released to the Booking.com.


To avoid things more complicated, I already allowed the guest to check-in my property first.

I tried send emails to Booking.com to check this payment issue, but still not solve.

My curious is will I received any payment or payout from the Booking.com after this.

Anyone experienced the same problem? How to solve this matter?




BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Irwan,


  1. First never use messages as a method for something urgent, seriously  pick pup the phone and call BdC support directly.
  2. Second, regardless of emails you say you never saw or got, always open the Extranet, go to 3rd menu 'Reservations and enter a date range to see if their is a valid booking.

    This is where you validate their claims to have a booking. No reservation found then its a blatant lie.
  3. Third, Any payment [prepay] made by the guest to booking.com is for them to dispute with BdC directly  and not for you to help them with.

    Remember people will lie and tell you anything to convince you short of actually providing actual tangible prove.



I just checked your partner profile and there is no property listing linked. Please provide this public link we partners who are assisting and advising can get a better picture of situations and queries. Help us help you.



So I'm guessing right now since it is the 8th of march here in Dublin , Ireland the guest is still with you. 


Right now pick up the phone and call BdC support team, confirm if by some miracle that if there is no reservation not showing in extrant that the guest is real but in all likelihood they are not legit.



Now once that is done you will need to evict said illegal guest. Be smart about it.


Say there is a gas leak and you must evacuate the building or there are roaches ,, be creative but realistic.



Kind Regards


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Irwan Ismail 3 years ago

Thanks for your reply.

I am in Malaysia. I tried to call the Booking office in Malaysia  +60-32296 7800 as provided in the booking.com. But it turn out, the number no longer in service.

To call the BdC in America or other country, I think it will costly.


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fluff 3 years ago

As Barry already said, check your extranet for the booking. That is the final word as far as you are concerned.

I assume the customer showed you his booking number???

If that, or his name do not appear in your extranet he's a fraudster.

We have had a handful of instances over the years where a customer has arrived for check in but we knew nothing about it. No booking notification or check in reminder either by email or Pulse BUT the booking was in extranet when searched.

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

fluff, thanks for sharing your handful of instances....very helpful to know....

How is this happening??? how does BDC explain this situation???

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fluff 3 years ago

Hi MA,

It is presumably a bug in the system but BDC do not profer any explanation. We've also had a few cases without booking notification but have received the reminder.

So far we've been lucky and able to accommodate but the evil day will come if these instances continue.

It's also not unique to BDC, though thankfully few in  number.

We most recently had a booking we knew nothing about appear on an invoice. Again found it as a cancelled booking in extranet. Charged to us because we didn't mark it as waived charge. We did of course contact BDC and they promptly admitted error, agreeing to revise the invoice.