Guest did not pay, can BDC deduct the credit card

I had a guest which booked through BDC, they did arrived and stayed, however on check out they informed my workers that they already paid and left, point is they did not pay, BDC is suppose to have there credit card details on the system, so can BDC not provide CC details to make payment?

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fluff 4 years ago

I think you'll find that is contrary to rules and regulations of the credit card company.That would be passing details from one company to another without the card holders consent.

If you had set up BDC to take payments on your behalf or this particular booking was a BDC-collect type, then yes, BDC can collect. However, If the booking/contract is hotel-collect than you are out of pocket I'm afraid.

Your only recourse is to contact the guest and hope they do the decent thing, although this is doubtful if their original intention was to deceive.

In future I suggest you implement a system that CLEARLY marks every guest's state of payment, accessible to all staff who take payments.

Jon Cawdron 3 years ago

You can demand the money from BDC and hold payment to them untill they pay.