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I'm a new host here, and just I had my first reservation. Guests arrived, and they told me they were via Booking.com paid one-night stay. I can't see anywhere in extranet option that I can use to see if it was paid or not. That was before 14 days ago. After them, every guest that was staid in our place they paid uppon on arrival. 

I think the first transaction takes longer to reach my account, or not? 

Must I write to booking because they didn't pay they stay, or just to wait until money shows up? 

Because I'm new here, I know that setting up the property policy is so hard that I had perhaps something wrong set.



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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago

Hi there,

Welcome to the Forum and congrats on your listing!

Do you have Payments by Booking.com? You need to check that ASAP. 

It sounds like the first one was your responsibility to get the payment from the guest, before you were moved over to the Payments by Booking.com. 

Check under Invoices, is there a tab that says payments by Booking.com?

Let us know

Ismet Islamagic 4 years ago

Hi Leandri,

thanks for your fast answer. I'm new here and the Booking platform seems like I need a PhD for using it :) I have stopped using Booking as a Host because I had problems with payments and sync. with the Airbnb platform. I will take close a look at Booking for the next Sommer. 

I can't find ASAP ( Payments) on Booking. When will be "pay with a credit card or visa" option visible?

Anyway, thanks for your time.

Best regard

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Community Admin 4 years ago

Hi Ismet Islamagic! Thanks for posting in the Community!


You can check and/or change your payment options right in the Extranet. Please go to "Property" tab and choose "Policies", scroll down to the "Guest payment options" section and click "Edit".


Here you can see what payment options are available for your property and set it up accordingly.


Best regards!

Denny Vadakkan 8 months ago

Hello I’m very new to booking.com and we have one past guest and one current guest and neither has paid us and they won’t respond to me what can I do thanks

Yudelka Baez 1 year ago

I do not have the option to get paid by booking.com, I have requested this option several times, and they said that they have send a request for my listing to be accepted, if this does not work, I will also stop using booking.com