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Guest disputing credit card payment for deposit on booking

i have a 30 percent fee taken on booking via my channel manager as soon as the client books a property. This is charged via my PMS. The client has disputed this payment with the bank even though it clearly states 30 percent deposit. I now have to submit documents to the credit card company to prove why the money was taken, during this time the amount has been withheld and a admin fee has also been taken by my merchant while they request evidence and i prove  . What should i submit from to prove the client had a contract when booking for this payment any help would be appreciated .

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jaybeegee 5 years ago

Why is the client disputing the payment? Is it because he wants to cancel the booking and hoping to get his money back? Have you spoken to the guest to ask in case he thinks it is someone else?

I think you can safely show the bank the guest reservation and a copy of your policies which shows the 30% deposit is payable on booking.