Guest does not cancel booking on request


Eight months ago a  guest managed to book my property when it was not available. This was an error on my part which the guest took advantage off on a cheap rate.I have made repeated request for him to cancel the bookings by phone and WhatsApp. Each time he assures me he will send me a cancellation request but has not done it. The Booking is on the 25th December 2018

I have now contacted booking.com to initiate the cancellation (I agree a bit too late :-() They say I have to provide him options of alternate accommodation. But prices have not risen!!


Any advice on this?



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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago

Hi Pereira Goa ,

Ouch! Okay but we can fix this.

You say the client has agreed to cancel the booking right? So then it's Much easier. Depending on how the guest was going to pay and your payment policy? (Do you have card details or was he going to pay via bank transfer?)

First of, what does your prepayment policy say? Do you have the policy that you may ask the full amount at any time? If you don't, then you are going to have to keep struggling with the client to cancel it on their side...

Should you have the prepayment policy in place...
If the client has loaded a card, you just mark the card as invalid, mark Other and write in "Client agreed to cancel but hasn't gotten around to do it". <- This is the easiest.

If it's a bank transfer, then you need to send a Final Due Date for Full Payment message via the Extranet to the guest.
The message Must contain: Your banking details, the due date, the amount payable and the currency payment must be made in.
Then 24 hours after the Due Date has passed, you can phone Booking.com and ask them to cancel the booking as your did not receive payment (Don't mention anything about not having the room... because then they only see OverBooking and won't be able to do anything else than ask you to pay for alternative accommodation).

Hope this helps.

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Great advice Leandri. Even though it hasn’t occurred to me it’s very useful information to have in mind.