Guest does not cancel booking from their side.

A booking is made by the guest who indicate the dates on the calendar. This booking block any possible chance for a double booking as those dates are now locked.

1. From here it is for the guest to decide when to do any payment. My settings does ask for a deposit 30 days in advance (EFT details are given in the e-mail communications) and allow for credit card payment (which only becomes effective on the day of arrival).

2. At 30 days the guest is asked to verify their intention in regard to the booking as no payment is made to date. The (rude) guest fail to communicate. We mark the payment status as 'Guest has not paid yet'. We mark the booking cancelled 'Request to cancel the reservation' (but the dates remain locked on the calendar).

3. Eventually after many days passed the guest does give some indication to cancel, but "does not know how" or lacks the will to comply (?). The days are still locked on the calendar.

4. The guest fail to cancel from their side. No help from the B.com by telephone. The calendar days are still locked and no other booking is possible.

5. On the day a "No show", a locked calendar day and no (alternative) guest. No credit card was logged. Loss of income.

Is it not possible to send the guest just an easy to the point 'cancellation button' (shortcut link) to click on (via B.com/Extranet and via the host if cellular number is available). Many guest, it seems, are still not very electronically literate.


Natt K 5 years ago

I requested to canceled a booking 2 days before guest arrival due to guest behaviour on the phone, and I've received a replied from Booking.com that they will allocate guest to another place and I'll have to fact with the extra cost that might occur, which I accept it.

But this guest still showing on my guest arrival list. And now I'm still have no clue after lots of follow up message with Booking.com