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Guest no show and didn’t pay!..

Guests no show in my apartment .. and in the system he must pay, but he didn’t leave any information about his credit card or other .. how I can get money? Help!! I can’t find any information or help centre here ..! And I am new partner here and can’t understand what to do!

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Fluff (new account) 1 month ago

When you are paid at the property there is no way to collect money on no-show bookings.

You will not receive any payment in this case and will have to write this one off to experience gained. Mark this booking as a no-show AND "waive fees", meaning you don't get paid and BDC are not due any commission either.



You must change your payment method to match your policies.

Therefore, either choose BDC to take payments on your behalf in advance (before arrival date & a non-refundable policy in place) or use a third party payment collection company e.g. Stripe or Tab. to take payment in advance, again with some sort of non-refundable policies.



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Didem - Commun… 1 month ago


Hi @Fluff (new account),


Thank you for checking! We recently made some improvements on our platform and editing posts and comments is not an option anymore. 

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Fluff (new account) 1 month ago

Hmmmm, I can assume your reasoning here but why not do what 99.9% of other forums do i.e. limit the time for editing, one hour is quite normal. This allows for the correction of typos, rephrasing after reading back, additional thoughts that need to be in context of the original post etc.

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Mariofeijoca 1 month ago

Use payments through Utilize rules with stricter "Flexible" policies, with a 30-day window.


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