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Guest payment

How do you recover guest payment for non refundable reservations from "No Show" Guest particularly when the host does not have card service?

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Martina Stoecker 4 years ago

Hallo Annem,

it's a bad experience - the rooms are blocked for potential bookings and you have to run after your money.....this is quite difficult and the chances to be able to collect your outstanding amount is almost 0..... well, that's my experience and I might not be the only one.....

I'm still waiting on a payment from last year and it seems that they just ignore my e-mails. After all we are using Paybridge now. No more worries about payments - deposits are taken upfront or full amounts automatically.

It's just that - for me - reservations are not taken serious enough when there are no payments taken.That's the reason why I decided to take no reservations without credit card.

Still there is the option of making E.f.t transfer. It's a bit more work as you need to send the invoice and have to follow up the payment... but at least you received the deposit or full amount.

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