Guest Payment

I am Nora Digna Esquivel Martinez owner of The Terrace Colonial House in Habana Cuba, No, 3261466                         I started to work with Booking.com in 2018, and from that time booking.com  owe me 883.29 euros in correspondence to the following REMITTANCE ADVICE: R 20816161068, R 208162124, R 2088479880, R 208480438, R 208480326, R 208480326, R 2087676607, R 208768718, R 208958972. I received all this on Feb, 17/2022

I wrote about it several times,  but nothing happens, I want to receive my money in my bank account here in Canada and it's impossible to add my Bank details in my Management administration, it is blocked.

What can I do??  Pease help I need my money

Nora Esquivel