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Ive been trying for a very long time to get an issue sorted out with booking.com.

Booking.com sent an initial invoice for commission to be paid for guests who didnt stay at the establishment.Upon querying the invoice booking.com locked information to contact the guests directly and get confirmation from them that they didnt stay at establishment.

Finance dept now says they will not reopen as the alleged amount needs to be paid.What advice would you give to have it resolved.What about the claims of transparency and support if this is not whats been experienced.

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Sharonpowney 3 years ago

when the guest didn't stay did they cancel beforehand or did you mark them as a 'no show'.  Need to make sure reservations are correctly updated so that you don't have this type of issue.  Unfortunately too many people commit fraud so we have to keep things correct.

BrookAve 3 years ago


This sounds alot like you were not doing your job i.e. did not mark it as a no show as it was not marked by guest cancelled.


This is a common issue, partners think its all automated and done for them , it is not.

You do actually have to do some work. I just tell it straight.


Also your profile is incomplete , missing the property link, help us help you by doing so.