Guest Relocation

Long story short - 
My wife clicked a link and imported our AIR BNB into booking.com- did not realize it was live. The next morning we had 5 bookings great! one would think... well one of the bookings (2 day) over lapped with our AIR BNB booking. So my wife got in contact straight away explained the situation. The person who booked was not happy. Booking.com said they would have to relocate in a similar property. and bill us the difference. Email came to say all was sorted and the guest had been cancelled- nothing about relo fees etc. A week or so later we got a invoice for over £600 for a 2 night relo fee. They had put this guy up in a 5* hotel which is no way similar to our property.  Wife got on the phone, they told her someone had made a mistake and they should have confirmed with us.  Said they would call back - nothing back from booking.com, she called again they said it was sorted. Now 3 weeks later or so another invoice for over £600 - every time she calls no one reads notes.. this is ridiculous.. our property was £95 per night and they put this guy up in a 300+ per night 5* hotel - joke - someone pls help!

Viv Kumari 1 month ago

Hi, do you have any update on this? Were you able to resolve it?