Guest Requests Invoice despite Payment is done by BDC, BDC then ring me asking me to give invoice to Guest

So this is a peculiar one.
Today I had a message from a guest whom has technically not checked in or stayed yet.


A polish guy who made the booking. He requested an invoice for expenses, giving his polish company , address and tax number.


As someone who has traveled for work in the past , I never had to have all receipts in the name of the company we work for. Plus it is not feasible, as you cant goto a local shop and say at checkout - ' oh can you print off a receipt with my company name on it for that food i just bought'.


Having said that I dont mind doing up a microsoft excel invoice template, with this info he provided and then have Supplier as :" MyhomeStay c/o Booking.com".


But I would prefer it to be a booking.com invoice with their name, logo, address etc on it than mine as I have yet to be paid. it debatable as to who the supplier should be since he pays booking.com and not me directly.


The BDC lady from a USA number that phoned me sounded very naieve, and thought it was my responsibility to generate an invoice. She didnt even properly introduce herself, and just rambled on for a bit, while I tried to replay it back in my head slower to disect what on earth she was going on about.


I did point out to her if he really needed something all he neededs to do is get the email receipt and use excel invoice template and fill out the relevent info himself. I just messaged the guy to say about the phone call with her and if he really needs it, i will put something together.


The reason i am making this topic is to find out who really is the responsibile party for doing this, when you use BDC for all payments.


I have had previous guests using business option and even they never asked for an invoice.





Curious to see what others think

Dandd Stacey 3 years ago


I have the same issue and do not seem to get a reasonable response from booking.com.  Can you tell me what the outcome was please.

Many thanks

Debbie Stacey

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Community Admin 3 years ago

Hi Barry Reilly and Dandd Stacey, thanks to bring such a topic in the Community. Despite you might have Payments by Booking as a payment method, it is still the accomodation that needs to provide guests with an invoice at check-out (either on paper, by email, or both).

This is because the reservation agreement is still between you and the guest, and not with Booking.com. Therefore, we won't send invoices for any room reservations to your guests.

Here, you can find a very accurate article about it: 


Have a good day!

BrookAve 3 years ago

Utter nonsense, and a cop out.


Bdc can add a function to pull the relevant data into a form template then the partner can add their info., logo etc


Then going forward anytime a guest can click Print Invoice on their reservation page which then pulls their reservation into that template and eh voila automated invoice appears.

This is not rocket science and very common elsewhere,  no limits only ones imagination and effort made.




Nicole Rätsch 2 years ago

Wait, wha?!

Despite you might have Payments by Booking as a payment method, it is still the accomodation that needs to provide guests with an invoice at check-out (either on paper, by email, or both).

Interesting. So Joe pays BDC 10 bucks for staying at Sally's.
Sally waits two weeks to get Paid 9 bucks from BDC  but has to provide Joe an invoice at checkout for 10 bucks. Sally pays tax on the 10.

But this is not true. Sally did not receive 10 bucks from Joe. Sally received 9 bucks from BCD.


A) Sally should provide an invoice to BCD for 9 Bucks and BCD should provide an invoice to Joe for 10.  Sally pays tax on the 9, BDC pays tax on the 1 (10 received, minus 9 paid out).


B) Sally provides an invoice to Joe for 9 and BCD provides an invoice to Joe for 1. Joe then has two invoices totalling the 10 that was spent, both BCD and Sally pay tax on what was actually received.

Or am I the only one that see this as a simple math problem?

Jack S Eddowes 1 year ago

I totally agree!!! makes no sense! why are BDC not sorting this??? We can create an invoice but it will be less deductions for BDC fees and therefore useless to the guest!!!

BrookAve 1 year ago


No no no....


  • the invoice you generate either in excel lor google spreadsheet or using a service like tradeshift.com [free]
  • you must mirror the payment info on the original booking
  • Remember its just a receipt for business only travelers for expenses.
  • you DO NOT deduct anything , the total on it must match what they actually paid or must pay.
  • and DO include any additional fees that make up that total.
  • and yes it makes perfect sense.



Kind Regards