Guest was rude among other things

Hi!   I am really worried.   This guest brought in the middle of the night two women who slept over in my boat.  It was really bad for the Marina.   Their behaviour was awful and ABOVE ALL THIS, He didn`t pay and was very very rude on the phone.  When he first contacted us he wanted us to give him a rate outside from booking, which we didn`t even think about.   And when we tried to contact him, he left and he blocked us.  his name *** *** and he left everything in such a mess.


What can I do?

Ireland-B&B 3 years ago

When someone phone's me for a booking out side of b.com, if they are checking in that evening or the next day or the following week or month, I always take their credit card details and send them an email confirmation of their booking. They can pay cash or card when they arrive. But I'll pre-authorize their card before sending them an email confirmation of their booking. If their card is declined, I'll politely let them know by pretending I took their card details down wrong and ask them to repeat it, if the card fails the second time...I dont let them stay. If they leave and I find they caused damage or a huge mess or anything missing, I'll charge it to their card, but thankfully I've never had to charge a guests card after they left.

I think you should call the police as I'm sure there is CCTV in the marina.

Sorry for your troubles but you may end up never getting paid from someone like him, so put it down to experience.