Guests Booked the place but did not come.

Most guests booked the place through booking.com and did not come and also the did not informed whether they cancel booking. my booking type is non-refundable but how do I claimed ? because the payment type is 'pay at premises'.

how to manage this pay advanced and book type.  

Sharon Powney 2 years ago

Unfortunately in this situation you cannot collect the payment.  But you must go into the Reservation and mark as a No Show otherwise booking.com does not know and you will be charged Commission.

This is the downside of collecting funds yourself, particularly if by cash.  Look into whether you can switch to 'Payments by booking.com' as they will then do all the processing and it cuts down on no shows as they still have to pay.  Contact help team and ask about it.  Small additional fee but if you are a small business and do not want to do card processing yourself it is worth it.

BrookAve 2 years ago

HI Kasun,


This is a classic first time mistake for new partners.


Payment on Arrival is always a bad idea, especially when it results in this scenario every time.


Like most things Pros V Cons of being a small operator and paying BdC to collect prepayment versus paying a payment gateway service provider a % fee comes hand in hand.

These days the PbB (Paymerts By Booking) is generally the safer way until you get busy enough and have frequent bookings to justify ,
taking direct payments with a provider such as https://sumup.ie/bookingie/


Kind Regards.

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Miguel 2 years ago

Don't you have access to the guest credit card?

I never allow to book without a credit card


Miguel G.
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